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is a leading manufacturer of logistically integrated labeling systems, labeling software as well as barcode and industrial printers. In addition, Logopak offers the ideal consumables for direct and indirect labeling of a large variety of product and packaging types.

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We Are Logopak!

“Since the company’s founding in 1978, our USP is the manufacture of high-quality and long-lasting machines. This is how we have established a position as a leading manufacturer of integrating tagging systems and software for logistics and industrial printers, and provide intersection between production and logistics for our customers. Logopak Systeme, as part of the Possehl Group, includes 300 staff members that offer on-site service for the customer.”

Steffan Gold, Logopak

Steffan Gold

Managing Director

Product Identification & Labeling is Our Business

Logopak is a leading manufacturer of logistically integrated labeling systems, labeling software as well as barcode and industrial printers. In addition, Logopak offers the ideal consumables for direct and indirect labeling of a large variety of product and packaging types. The consumables are used for labeling product packaging for the point of sale (primary labeling), group packaging or containers (secondary labeling) as well as carriers, such as pallets (tertiary labeling).

Logopak’s vast product range also includes smart labels and tags for RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification). The company headquarters is located in Hartenholm near Hamburg, Germany, and was founded in 1978. It is represented worldwide through nine corporate locations. Logopak provides extensive experience for a wide range of applications.

Both standard machines and custom solutions are developed in-house and manufactured in Germany. The operator-friendly systems are easily installed and simple to maintain. Logopak is a member of the industry associations RAIN, AIM and GS1.

Our Products – Easy to Install – Easy to Use – Easy to Maintain

Radio Frequency Identification enables automatic identification of products in a variety of environments. Almost all Logopak systems are available with RAIN RFID technology. The high quality and robust modular design also allows for later conversion. With RFID Tag-On-Demand technology, the RFID-Tags can be applied as required independent of the barcode-labels, all under machine software control.

What Are the Advantages of RFID?

By not requiring a line-of-sight for identification purposes, RFID are

  • Less sensitive to damage, dirt and badly placed labels.
  • Easier and faster to read.
  • Possible to read through the packaging

In addition, there is no need to visually search for a barcode in order to record it.

Innovative solutions for every application – For primary, secondary and tertiary labelling

The complete system as a one-stop solution – for efficient labeling and marking

We are the driving force behind industrial labelling!

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Products from Logopak

On-Metal RFID Tags

RFID Transponder
Logopak On-Metal RFID Tags

Product Tracking in Industrial Environments

RFID tagging of products with large amounts of metal or water has long been considered a difficult, if not impossible, task. With the introduction of on-metal RFID tags, this is no longer the case. The tags enable the identification of products ranging from household appliances, machinery, spare parts and metal-based packaging to items made entirely of metal.

  • Consistent performance on metal surfaces and objects
  • Up to 1.1 mm thickness
  • Suitable for use in rugged and harsh industrial environments
  • Automatic printing as well as writing and application of tags possible
  • Real-time product tracking and visibility
  • Flexible and dynamic tag content and data according to RAIN
  • Solutions easy to integrate into existing IT systems with the help of LogoSoft Middleware


  • Internal and external logistics
  • Process monitoring and quality control
  • Reception control
  • Inventory tracking and management


LogoSoft software by Logopak

The Middleware for Efficient Industrial Labelling

Production in future-oriented factories is highly automated and intelligently networked. With our software LogoSoft, we actively promote the further development of the IoT. Enabling central control of all labelling processes, LogoSoft is our industrial middleware solution for print & apply systems.

Future-Proof and Efficient Product Identification with LogoSoft

LogoSoft makes the marking process for your print & apply tasks even more efficient and secure. The powerful software solution ensures flexible automation with which all marking processes can be controlled and monitored centrally. Barcode and RFID standards are already stored in the system for this purpose.

Continuous data synchronisation between the ERP system and supported devices – including products from other manufacturers such as inkjet printers – ensures that the right data is always available in the right place.

  • Greater economic efficiency
  • Minimization of errors and downtimes
  • Future-proof production
  1. Manage data and devices efficiently
    • All integrated devices – including products from other manufacturers such as barcode scanners or desktop printers – can be accessed at a moment‘s notice
    • Central management of data sets, production data and updates
  2. Error-free marking conforming to standards
    • Central data management avoids manual routines or entries
    • Changes to standards and norms, e.g. legal regulations, are administered centrally and are reliably checked
  3. Seamless software integration
    • Can be integrated into existing ERP/MES environments as an independent solution or middleware
    • Standard package with interfaces to Oracle, SAP, etc.
    • Variable range of functions and individual interfaces can be set up
  4. Reliable track/trace management
    • Support of various serialisations; can also be used to handle SSCC numbers
    • Data is saved and transferred directly to an ERP database when requested
    • Data exchange via export/import
  5. Uninterrupted production
    • Labelling operation even without connection to the ERP system
    • Secure data management through your own dedicated database
    • Quick troubleshooting for service needs thanks to log files that can be saved and exported
  6. Flexibly scalable and future-proof
    • Highly scalable for expanding production capacities
    • Can be used as a cross-site server application
    • Optionally with cloud connection

Core-Based RFID Product Tracking

RFID Transponder
Logopak Core-Based RFID Product Tracking

Applying the RFID tag to the core

It is often not possible to use barcode-based IDs on product rolls. When barcodes are applied to the outside of product rolls, the line of sight to the barcodes must be maintained in order to scan them. Once the rolled product material is used, this automatically results in the barcode being removed with the outer layer.

To avoid this, an RFID tag is applied to the core before the product is wound up. Optionally, the tag can also be applied inside the core. In this case the product material can already be rolled up on the core.

Often products vary in the width, and thus the size of the roll and the placement of RFID tag. Logopak solutions can be adapted to the different sizes to ensure that the transponder is always placed in the correct position.

Through the Logopak software, the integration into existing ERP / MES system is possible.

  • Enables tracking of products (paper, plastic films, etc.) that are delivered rolled on paper cores with RAIN UHF RFID tags applied.
  • The core can be tagged on the inside with the product rolled up (410 DX RFID), or the core can be tagged on the outside (410 T RFID) before the product is rolled up.
  • Both versions allow product rolls to be tracked after commissioning.


  • Automatic identification of rolls with different sizes.
  • Enables tracking of cores in production and ensures that the correct customer-specific material (thickness, quality, material) is used.
  • After production, the same RFID tag can be used for logistics and supply chain processes. The tag can also be used by the end user of the product.

RFID Pulp Bale Tracking

RFID Transponder Software
Logopak RFID Pulp Bale Tracking

Specifically tailored RFID solution for pulp & paper

RFID brings an effective and reliable way to track pulp units and generate savings in material flow management. The PULP RFID solution is as plug&play as it can get for implementing real-time visibility of the movement of pulp bales.

PULP RFID, the real-time tracking solution for pulp bales, consists of RFID labels, label applicators, RFID readers and software that are integrated into customer’s backend system.

The solution allows pulp suppliers and users to trace their materials throughout the supply chain in real time and keep track of current inventory levels.

  • Pulp bale tracking solution with UHF RFID
  • For applications worldwide with global support
  • With a single contact point, with no hassle
  • Without affecting quality of the end product or the ongoing papermaking process


  • Automated inventory control
  • Automated categorization, identification, and quality control of different grades of pulp
  • Full traceability/visibility of bales throughout the supply chain

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