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Upcoming Livestream

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare | Geriatric Care | Hospital and Laboratory Management

August 28th 2024

Join our upcoming livestream on the transformative benefits of Wireless IoT in Healthcare, Geriatric Care, and Hospital and Laboratory Management. Discover how cutting-edge IoT technologies are revolutionizing patient care, streamlining operations, and enhancing efficiency across the healthcare spectrum.

  • IoT in patient care
  • Optimizing lab management
  • Trends in healthcare IoT

Livestream Line-Up

Image shows a portrait of Helmut Dansachmüller.

Helmut Dansachmüller

VP Product Marketing, RFID Extended Access Technologies

at HID

Frankfurt, Germany

Shaping a Secure Healthcare: How to Guarantee Security While Increasing User Acceptance

Upcoming Livestreams in 2024


September 11th 2024

Manufacturing X | Industry 4.0 | Automotive | Production Logistics

Join our upcoming livestream on wireless IoT technologies in Manufacturing X and Industry 4.0. Explore the latest innovations driving efficiency and productivity in modern manufacturing.


November 27th 2024

Wireless IoT Technologies

Tune in to our livestream covering wireless IoT technologies in numerous application fields.

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July 18, 2024
3 min
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