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is a global leader in the field of RFID with over 40 years of experience. Our industry-proven LF, RF, and UHF solutions have been successfully deployed in the most challenging environments worldwide.

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“We improve our customers’ competitiveness by accompanying them long-term in their business processes and opening up new perspectives through our passion for automation. With our comprehensive portfolio of high-quality sensor, identification, and image processing solutions as well as software, we offer holistic solutions, connecting OT with IT and guiding our customers step by step to the smart factory.”

Florian Hermle, Balluff

Florian Hermle

Managing Director

Global Leader with Industry-Proven RFID LF, HF, UHF Solutions

With more than 6 years of experience in industrial automation and over 40 years of competence in the area of RFID, Balluff is a committed partner with industry proven LF, HF and UHF solutions for rough environments. The product portfolio includes stationary and mobile read / write devices, controllers, antennas, and transponders.

Our Product Portfolio Includes:

  • Complete system solutions, starting with the analysis of the current situation, through consulting to implementation
  • Extensive selection of robust transponders, also for use with metal and at high temperatures
  • Customer-specific development

Robust RFID Solutions for Industrial Use

Balluff RFID systems help at solving nearly every application requirement. They are used, for example, in production control, counterfeit protection, tool identification, kanban systems, or goods tracking and traceability solutions. Long-term experience in RFID applications with profound technological competence provides the basis for custom-tailored RFID solutions.

Our RFID systems are used to make all production steps transparent and traceable and are therefore an essential component in implementing the requirements of modern production and keeping track of all data at all times.

With the connection of sensors, bus, and network components and the development of ideally interlocked software tools and solutions, Balluff also offers holistic digitalization and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions.

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Balluff Presents its Asset Data Provider (ADP)

May 07, 2024
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Balluff Receives “Bosch Global Supplier Award”

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Balluff Expands Capacities in China

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Products from Balluff

13.56 MHz All-in-One Reader BIS-M

13.56 MHz All-in-One Reader BIS-M from Balluff

The 13.56 MHz All-in-One reader with integrated antenna and processor unit in the rugged die-cast zinc housing needs no additional processor and can communicate directly with the control level over Ethernet/IP.

Suitable for installation directly on metal, the unit features a 2-port Ethernet switch for constructing simple line and ring topologies as well as an integrated web server for convenient condition monitoring remotely. Highly visible LEDs reduce startup and down times.

  • Processor unit, antenna and fieldbus interface in one compact unit
  • Time- and cost-saving direct Ethernet/IP connection
  • Integrated 2-port switch for simple integration
  • Integrated web server for convenient remote condition monitoring
  • Status LEDs for rapid commissioning and diagnostics


  • Tracking process steps, such as when assembling high-value goods, by using data carriers to record all steps, materials used and production components. Controlling material flow in production and assembly lines.

UHF Short-Range Reader BIS VU 320

UHF Short-Range Reader BIS VU 320 from Balluff

Perfect industrial identification with up to 1m read range

UHF read/write head with a range of 1 meter for use with the universal processor unit BIS V. One highlight is the integrated Power-Scan function. It ensures automatic matching to UHF tags. and optimal configuration – with no manual setting. And startup is accomplished in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to Auto-Setup at the push of a button the reader is automatically configured for the ambient conditions.

  • UHF short range read/write head
  • For short read/write distances, typical read range 1m
  • integrated Power-Scan function
  • Auto-Setup at the push of a button
  • Highly visible function and status LEDs
  • Robust solution for industrial use


  • Monitoring production processes, material flow control and identification tasks in assembly lines.

RFID Universal Processor Unit BIS V

RFID Universal Processor Unit BIS V from Balluff

One device for all established RFID technologies

Compact, universal RFID processor unit for simultaneous multifrequency operation of up to four read/write heads. HF (13.56 MHz, in accordance with ISO 15693 and ISO 14443) as well as LF (125 kHz) and UHF read heads can be connected simultaneously from the front via plug-and-play.

An integrated IO-Link master port also enables connecting of IO-Link capable sensors or actuators. A single controller type is sufficient for setting up a consistent RFID structure within a company – from unfinished parts delivery and manufacturing to shipping.

  • One device for all established RFID technologies (LF, HF, UHF)
  • High-memory and highspeed data carrier compatible
  • Simple linking to PC-based systems via TCP/IP and USB
  • Freely configurable IO-Link master port for connecting IO-Link devices
  • Rugged aluminum die-cast housing for industrial applications


  • Many different identification tasks with PC-based systems in intralogistics as well as material flow control in production and assembly plants.

HF Read-/Write Head with Condition Monitoring

RFID HF Read-/Write Head with Condition Monitoring from Balluff

RFID HF read/write heads (13.56 MHz) with integrated processor units are the mediators between the data carrier and the PC or controller.

Additional processors are eliminated because the antenna, electronics, and interface are all located within the housing. Easy integration reduces installation expenses. Variants with separated electronics are also suitable for tight installation conditions, providing leeway during the installation.

  • Available interfaces: Serial – RS232, RS485/Subnet 16, RS422, USB
  • Available with bus interface: Connect all-in-one RFID Reader BIS M-4008 direct to PROFInet
  • Robust housing in IP69K: Reliable use in a harsh environment (Balluffs’ Washdown Plus Promise)
  • Status displays directly on the housing of the reader: Easy commissioning and minimum downtimes
  • Tag conforms to ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC Global C1G2 standards


  • Suitable for part tracking in the vicinity or for applications in production control (palletizing, recording on the workpiece, and many more.)

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Rainer Traub

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