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Corporation is an international manufacturer and marketer of complete solutions that identify and protect people, products and places.

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“Manufacturers trust Brady’s products and software to help them eliminate defects, verify assembly, automate production processes, track parts and more. Our Intelligent Manufacturing ecosystem enables you to benefit from the end-to-end visibility and flexibility.”

Brett Willms, Brady Corporation

Brett Wilms

Managing Director Brady Europe, Middle East, Africa & Australia

Brady’s products help customers increase safety, security, productivity and performance and include high-performance labels, signs, safety devices, printing systems and software. Founded in 1914, the company has a diverse customer base in electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, electrical, construction, medical, aerospace and a variety of other industries.

For over 100 years, Brady has worked side-by-side with our customers to deliver high-performance identification solutions, solve tough manufacturing challenges, and design for what comes next. We are a global manufacturer of identification hardware, materials, software, and solutions. We bring all of these components together into an ecosystem specifically designed to deliver the next generation of digital identification solutions.

By designing and developing these components to be integrated from the start, we’re doing what we’ve always done for our customers – delivering high-performance identification solutions when performance matters most.

Complete solutions that can be adapted to customer needs down to the last detail, now make RFID accessible to a wide range of businesses, even in environments that are considered challenging for most labels and readers. Bring your workplace to the next level of efficiency and productivity with reliable RFID solution from Brady.

Locate, identify, track and trace multiple assets at once from a 15m distance without ever having to lay eyes on them. Or cover your entire workplace with well placed fixed RFID scanners to maximally accelerate asset tracking. Quickly guide employees to the assets they need in the most optimal order, fully automate inventories and check any outgoing cargo for completeness in seconds.

A Brady’s complete RFID solution includes:

  • Industrial grade RFID labels that stick and stay attached, with a read range adapted to your needs.
  • Printers that can quickly create additional RFID labels at your premises.
  • Scanners that deliver the data you need, via apps or software that unlock tactical and strategic benefits for your business.
  • Software integration of our complete RFID solution with your existing ICT infrastructure.

Give every asset a unique digital identity

Identification & workplace safety solutions

Industry expertise to support you

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Updated High-Performance Hardware Products by Brady

New Fixed RFID Reader FR22 Lite and New Antenna GA25 from Brady

January 24, 2024
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Redoing Missing Tags and Flagging up Cables on the Fly

Redoing Missing Tags and Flagging up Cables on the Fly

November 09, 2023

Products from Brady

BRADY Automated Labelling Solutions

Labeling machines Printer
  • BRADY Automated Labelling Solutions
  • BRADY Automated Labelling Solutions
  • BRADY Automated Labelling Solutions

If you’re a manufacturer and looking to use automation to overcome human resource scarcity, reduce cost of manual labour, ensure 100% traceability, and continuously improve focus in Manufacturing – then Brady are here to help!

Activate the competitive advantages of Smart Manufacturing and start with error-free identification thanks to a fully automated printed circuit board labelling solution!

Automated labelling can significantly increase the speed at which products, components, cables and even laboratory samples can be identified. It enables you to comply with traceability requirements, while protecting profitability.

Brady offers a complete, automated labelling solution that includes industrial-grade labels, automated label printing software and automated print & apply systems.

Reliable labels are selected or designed to stay attached and remain legible in your working environment. They are automatically printed by smart label printing software and print & apply systems that can be fully integrated in your environment, and driven by your existing data.

Increase production output by improving label data quality while printing labels at greater speed on fixed or flexible locations with automated labelling.

  • Increase label data quality: avoid costly labelling errors by using data directly from a single source of authority, which can be a simple spreadsheet, a complete ERP-system, or anything in between
  • Increase labelling speed: remove the need to retype data and save up to 5 minutes per label print job
  • Great printing flexibility: print on a wide range of professional label printers on fixed locations or anywhere with wifi-access

Full and Durable Track & Trace

Brady offers the scanners, printers, apps and labels you need to implement a reliable track & trace solution in challenging environments. Our labels are designed, constructed and tested to keep 2D-codes, barcodes and QR-codes intact and legible where other labels fail so you don’t lose the ability to track & trace products, cables, components or raw materials.

Easy to Use Scanners

Brady offers a range of easy-to-use, high density scanners with superior imaging technology (Adaptus) that enable

  • Fast and efficient scanning of any barcode, 2D-code or QR-code on a range of surfaces
  • Optimal handling thanks to a light weight and small size
  • Durable and reliable, stays intact in drop tests when falling from up to 1.8 m.

Clearly Legible

Brady labels can be printed with high contrast barcodes, 2D-codes and QR-codes that are easy to read for our scanners. Our researched and tested durable label materials can keep barcodes legible, even when exposed to UV, humidity, extreme heat or cold, chemicals or abrasion. For challenging industrial environments, Brady offers specific labelling solutions to maximise durability.

Complete Control

In order to achieve full track & trace control, you can use Brady Workstation apps to quickly design labels, import data from ERP or LIMS-systems, add QR-codes, barcodes or other 2D-codes, serialise and hit print. When printed with the specialised inks of a Brady printer, our label materials can identify items throughout complete production cycles and in storage much more effectively and much longer than any non-specialised solution.

BRADY Handheld RFID Readers

  • BRADY Handheld RFID Readers
  • BRADY Handheld RFID Readers
  • BRADY Handheld RFID Readers
  • BRADY Handheld RFID Readers

Easily see the invisible. You will no longer need line of sight to identify and locate your assets. Using our RFID readers, you will see any RFID labelled asset in range with great accuracy and speed.

Brady handheld RFID readers are fast, mobile and accurate! Keep the data in the palm of your hand and manage your item flow real-time with our mobile barcode and RFID reader devices.

  • Brady RFID HH83 and HH83 RFID ACD: The regular HH83 can be used to scan barcodes, NFC and HF RFID labels while the HH83 RFID ACD is used to scan barcodes, NFC, HF and UHF RFID labels.
  • Brady RFID HH85 RFID ACD: The fully ruggedized sibling of the Brady HH83 RFID ACD. They share the same specs as the HH83 for memory and CPU and in addition come with rubber bumpers and a pistol grip, making them very solid and drop-proof readers.

The HH83, HH83 RFID ACD and HH85 RFID ACD readers are an excellent RFID reading choice and are a perfect match for Brady SmartID solutions. They enable users to pick up a large range of RFID signals and offer a great user experience.

  • Ruggedised readers for data collection in challenging industrial environments
  • Ergonomic design for extended usage, IP65 rating and fully drop-tested
  • Perfect RFID legibility for a multitude of RFID labels
  • Extended read range by using di-pole antenna
  • Battery Hotswap: replace an empty battery and install a fully charged one in a matter of seconds
  • Great interface for daily tasks
  • Visual (LED’s) and haptic (vibration) feedback
  • Scans barcode, NFC, HF RFID labels (HH83)
  • Scans barcode, NFC, HF and UHF RFID labels (HH83 RFID ACD & HH85 RFID ACD)
  • Dedicated apps required for operations
  • Easy reuse of single reader developments on all models in the product range through API technology
  • Available with rubber bumpers and a pistol grip (HH85 RFID ACD)

BRADY RFID Fixed Readers

  • BRADY RFID Fixed Readers
  • BRADY RFID Fixed Readers

Easily see the invisible. You will no longer need line of sight to identify and locate your assets. Using our RFID readers, you will see any RFID labelled asset in range with great accuracy and speed.

The BRADY FR22 is the core device of a new approach for RFID fixed systems with wide communication options and a modular design. The FR22 is a critical building block for various track & trace and intelligent manufacturing solutions. It enables different use cases for different segments depending on which modules are attached to it.

Using the same API for backward compatibility with all the other Nordic ID devices and with an improved connectivity, the BRADY FR22 is the evolution towards a smarter platform, more powerful, scalable, flexible, and manageable than ever.

  • Fast and reliable edge computing with support for custom embedded applications
  • Wide communication options that enable flexibility in system designing and no need for external connectivity hardware
  • New UHF RFID engine based on the very latest technology
  • Develop embedded web apps with user interface. Eliminating the need for external PC/tablet
  • Brady extension connector for plug and play accessories like Brady MUX16
  • Connect external devices, sensors, triggers, lights and buzzers
  • Full set of API’s available for controlling the reader

Other Fixed RFID Reader Options:

  • Brady BFA: an advanced beam-forming overhead antenna with 28 software-controlled beams and an integrated movement and direction detection sensor. All the beams can be enabled for the highest RFID reading coverage and accuracy, or only specific beams can be enabled to define a limited area of detection.
  • Brady GA30: a general-purpose antenna with a very high gain and is ideal for harsh environments where IP rating is needed. This antenna can be mounted directly on all surfaces, even metal, without compromising UHF RFID reading performance.

Track and Trace RFID Labels

  • Brady Track and Trace RFID Labels
  • Brady Track and Trace RFID Labels
  • Brady Track and Trace RFID Labels

Track assets and manage inventories more efficiently in complex industrial environments with (fully customisable) RFID labels that can fit any surface. Scan and identify, or locate multiple items at once from a distance, or 1 by 1 in close proximity.

Temperature Sensing RFID Labels

Easily monitor temperatures from a distance for one or multiple assets with low cost RFID Temperature Labels that do not require energy or maintenance. RFID Temperature Labels enable wireless temperature reading and monitoring for a wide range of devices, equipment, machines, racks, cables and structures. The flexible, temperature sensing smart labels can be applied to almost any surface to support informed proactive decision making.

  • Easily monitor temperatures: low cost temperature monitoring with passive, ISO 18000-6C and ISO14443 NFC interface, and ETSI compliant bandwidth RFID smart labels that do not require energy or maintenance. Labels are energised when needed by HF or UHF compliant readers.
  • Applicable to all surfaces: available in a wide range of thin and flexible industrial grade label materials with a variety of adhesives to stay attached to smooth, rough, or powdered surfaces, and to flat or curved surfaces.
  • Complete solution: includes RFID labels, label printer, label design software, RFID reader with hard- and software support.

Potential applications include environmental monitoring, material and equipment monitoring, cold chain monitoring, data centre monitoring, maintenance and safety data collection, and greenhouse monitoring.

Moisture Sensing RFID Labels

Moisture sensing RFID label comes with a capacitive sensor which detects moisture conditions on surfaces and data can easily be read with UHF RFID scanners.

UHF moisture label is a general-purpose moisture sensor that is designed to detect and measure moisture levels in the surrounding environment, and it works across a wide variety of materials, providing both good read distance and sensing performance. This label is suitable for use in outdoor, indoor and UV exposed environments.

  • UHF moisture label for general applications such as construction, healthcare, retail, industry, supply chain and others. The antenna is designed for application on non-metal surfaces.
  • Polyester tag face material, with chip bonded to aluminium antenna using anisotropic conductive film adhesive, suitable for thermal transfer printing, including RFID encoding.
  • Labels are outside wound and 100% inspected, 500 good RFID labels per roll with bad tags marked.

Dual Frequency RFID Labels

Improve any product or item’s supply chain management, authentication and end-user engagement with a single label. Dual Frequency Label for general applications such as retail, industry, supply chain, media and advertising, product authentication and others. The antenna is designed for application on non-metal surfaces.

  • Improve product supply, engagement and authentication: track, trace and engage with almost any item or product via a single reliable dual frequency UHF and NFC RFID label.
  • Provide an extended product reality: enable entire supply chains to access and add product or item data via NFC enabled smartphones, from part manufacturing to maintenance and end-users.
  • Speed up inventory management: count and identify multiple labelled objects at once from up to 11 meters with portable or fixed UHF RFID scanners that ignore line of sight

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