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was founded in 2007, in Japan, with a small team, which has now grown as an expert providing credential RFID products.

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“Over the past five years, we have been striving to create a strong partnership with a Japanese semiconductor company in order to create new innovative technological products. Due to the mutual efforts, we can now launch new sensing tags. We believe that by utilizing new sensing technology and battery-free RFID, we will be able to contribute to solving the many problems we are currently facing. We are proud to say that we have provided a stable supply to our clients, both from Japan and abroad, for more than 15 years. Our experience shines particularly in the Japanese market, where customer service and quality demands can be considered a unique art form.”

Etsuro Inamoto, E-Garde

Etsuro Inamoto


E-Garde specializes in elemental technologies and research to discover the latest technologies, capable of designing and manufacturing with full in-house facilities.

E-Garde manufactures high-quality standard RFID tags through in-plant printing and encoding to finished tags and cards using sustainable and high quality materials. The company offers products with unparalleled quality and performance to maximize the efficiency of RFID solutions.

  • ISO 9001: 2017, Quality management
  • ISO 14001: 2017, Environmental management
  • ISO 27001: 2021, Information security management

Certification Body: BSI Group Japan K.K.
Certification Authority: ANAB

We provide a full range of RFID solutions.

We manufacture high-quality standard RFID tags through in-plant printing and encoding to finished tags and cards.

Our cutting-edge engineering, patented processes and ISO certified facilities ensure E-Garde is a reliable resource for RFID products.

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New Infrastructure Health Tag by E-Garde

November 28, 2023
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November 08, 2023

Products from E-Garde

RFID Hard Tags

RFID Transponder
  • E-Garde RFID Hard Tags
  • E-Garde RFID Hard Tags
  • E-Garde RFID Hard Tags

Made with FR4, a glass epoxy, E-Garde hard tags are reliable and durable. The tags have high shock resistance and are water proof. With an operating temperature range from -20 to 130 °C, the hard tags are suitable for many applications in harsh environments, such as in heavy industries, on construction sites and on “automated guided vehicles” (AGV).

The hard tags are available in two shapes: as a teardrop or a square, with one and two holes respectively. These holes make it easy for the tags to be attached to objects and can also be used as a key ring. By attaching a ferrite sheet, it can also be used as an on-metal tag. E-Garde offers many options for chip selection. Laser engraving is also available.

  • Dimensions: 30 × 45 mm (teardrop) / 34 × 34 mm (square)
  • Material: FR4
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 130 ℃
  • Surface: Laser engraving
  • Related Products: Dual tag/ RFIR Sensor tag / RFID Data logger


  • Asset tracking and logistics
  • Returnable transport items
  • Tool tracking management
  • Landmark for AGV

Dual RFID Tags

RFID Transponder
E-Garde Dual RFID Tags

The Dual Tag contains two different frequency IC chips. The characteristics differ depending on the frequency and specifications, and advanced technology is required for making these tags.

E-Garde has developed the Dual Tag with advanced functions and a guaranteed distance and range. The tag can be easily integrated into existing systems, which saves both time and money.

The potential uses of this tag are vast. The Dual Tag supports both medium-range communication in the UHF band and also supports NFC functionality. This can be used in combination with smartphones, making it possible to easily connect people, things and data.

In the future, efficiency will be emphasized even more in many countries, where there is an acceleration in the decline of the working population. Contactless tag systems, which do not require battery replacement and can be used for a long period of time, are expected to play an increasingly significant role.

  • Communication attenuation can be surppressed even via a small antenna by electrically coupling the HF and UHF band antennas.
  • Operational Frequencies:
    • HF (13.56 MHz)
    • UHF (860-960 MHz)
  • Long read range
  • HF and UHF IC chips can be combined freely, allowing easy integration into existing systems with existing hardware.
    • The HF IC supports MIFARE and various NFC chips
    • The UHF IC supports multiple IC types.
  • E-Garde designs antennas for other IC chips upon request.


The Dual Tag antenna is E-Garde’s own design and received a patent in the year 2016 in Japan. International patents have also been obtained in Germany, France, Italy, America and China.

The Dual Tag is designed for multiple applications including:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Process Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Acquisition of Product Information
  • Managing Goods from Production to Consumption
  • Security / Authentication
  • Access

The HF band can be used for security authentication. The UHF band can be used for long-distance authentication. In factories, for example, HF employee ID cards can be used to grant access at security gates for attendance management. The UHF band can be used for access control at large gates and for vehicles.

NFC-enabled smartphones enable personal authentication, advertising, electronic payment systems, URL guidance and can be used to improve traceability of products from producers to consumers.

UHF RFID Data Logger

RFID Transponder Smart Sensors
  • E-Garde UHF RFID Data Logger
  • E-Garde UHF RFID Data Logger

Streamlining quality control is an area of growing interest in various industries. E-Garde is looking to improve and enable a solution for this with RFID technology. This is where E-Garde’s UHF RFID Data Logger comes in. With four types of detecting capabilities including temperature, humidity, illuminance and shock in one single unit, users can capture all data simultaneously.

The UHF RFID Data Logger allows automated checkpoints to monitor, measure and record data throughout an entire process. Furthermore, this wireless monitoring device is designed to help users achieve their goals easily. The UHF RFID Data Logger is not only ideal for low-temperature logistics, but is also suitable for applications at a wide range of temperatures. Data can be transmitted up to five meters to a UHF RFID reader which is compliant with the current EPC Gen2 protocol.

Furthermore, the semi-passive device realizes enhanced performance at long distances. The transmitted data is useful to analyze in the case of an accident. Data can also be kept as evidence. The housing structure can be designed freely with durable materials according to the application. The UHF RFID Data Logger’s interface permits a very easy interaction with a UHF reader, allowing users to quickly check the sensor without requiring additional infrastructure.

  • Dimensions: 98.5×59.0 ×20.5mm
  • Material: ABS (Housing), FR4 (Board), PC (Cover)
  • Operating Temperature: -50℃ to 80℃
  • Read Range: 4 to 6 m (1w UHF reader/depend on surroundings) / Semi-Passive
  • Operating Frequency: UHF
  • Recordable Data: Temperature, Humidity, Impact and shock, Illuminance
  • Recordable Points:
    • Raw Data (Temperature and Humidity 2,500 points)
    • Alarm Data (Temperature, Humidity, Impact, and Illuminance 2,500 points)
  • Battery: CR2450 × 2pcs
  • Battery Life: 1 year (Depending on settings)
  • Features: Waterproof


  • Logistics
  • Warehouse Monitoring

RFID Sensor Tags

RFID Transponder
  • E-Garde RFID Sensor Tags
  • E-Garde RFID Sensor Tags
  • E-Garde RFID Sensor Tags

The capacitance sensing tag from E-Garde uses a special IC chip to detect capacitance. The capacitance changes depending on the amount and status. It measures the capacitance of the object and detect its state. There are a wide variety of methods.

A typical one is water level detection. By attaching the detection electrode of this tag to the bottle, it is possible to detect the capacitance that changes moment by moment depending on the water level. It is possible to change the shape of the detection electrode according to the object in order to achieve the most accurate detection. This tag can be provided for both the UHF band and HF band.

Various methods have been developed for water level detection, and are widely used in factories and in similar environments. However, many of these methods require a power supply and wiring for data transmission. E-Garde has developed a capacitive sensor tag that can detect water levels.The tag does not require a power supply, and data is transmitted contactlessly via radio waves. Wiring is thus not necessary.

The sensor inlay can be attached to the exterior of liquid containers. As the water level increases in the container, the area of the sensor electrode covered by water increases. The capacitive sensor tag reads out the change in the indicated value.

This corresponds to the change in the dielectric constant. As the dielectric constant of water is relatively large (approx. 80 times that of air), there is also a great amount of change in capacitance when the water level changes. This means that when the water level increases, so does the measured capacitance value.

The capacitance sensor tag makes it possible to detect water levels even in opaque or colored containers, such as medicine or sake bottles, where the contents may be difficult to see. It is also possible to measure water levels in plastic containers as well.

  • Dimensions: 42×92.5mm / 39×81mm
  • Material: PET, Aluminum, ACP
  • Operating Temperature: -25℃ to 60℃
  • RFID Chip: MR7930(UHF) / NTAG223(HF)
  • Type: Label tag, On-metal tag, Card, On-body tag
  • Related Products: Dual tag / Hard tag / Circuit(open-close) Detection tag / RFID Data logger


  • Water / Weight / Moisture / Gas Detection

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