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is a pioneer in electronics integrated into objects and materials. Its unique E-Thread™ RFID technology is a plastic-free microelectronic “packaging” technology that provides an unparalleled solution for traceability and authentication of products throughout their life cycle.

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“From managers, engineers, technicians to business developers, we all deeply commit to meet the expectations of our partners, the needs of customers and contribute ideas that push us forward as a company.”

Emmanuel Arene, Primo1D

Emmanuel Arene

Co-founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO

We aim at connecting everyday objects to the IoT and making circularity happen.

Primo1D offers a major technological breakthrough to companies that are challenged by a sharp rise of digitalisation and are compelled to rethink their business model. Our goal is to create value for the value chain stakeholders and whole ecosystem.

We design, manufacture and market a range of passive RAIN RFID (UHF) tags, based on customer specification.

Our passive device is a segment of textile yarn, in the middle of which an electronic RAIN RFID chip is integrated. The length of the device varies between 6 and 14 cm (0.4 to 5.5 inches), depending on the application. RFID yarn can be delivered in segments or on bobbins. This passive device can be packaged in different ways (textile strip, polymer tubes) to ease its integration into materials and processes.

We design, manufacture and market a range of passive RFID UHF tags in a yarn.

E-Thread™ is a disruptive technology, incorporating the best of the microelectronics, micromechanics and textile industries.

E-Thread™ technology is based on a micro-encapsulation of electronic circuits: streamlined, simple and robust.

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Primo1D Corporate Actions Towards Sustainability

Primo1D Corporate Actions Towards Sustainability

October 02, 2023

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E-Strip C

RFID Transponder
  • Primo1D E-Strip C: E-Thread™ RAIN RFID Strip - A Textile Strip for a Seamless Integration
  • Primo1D E-Strip C: E-Thread™ RAIN RFID Strip - A Textile Strip for a Seamless Integration

E-Thread™ RAIN RFID Strip – A Textile Strip for a Seamless Integration

This strip tag offers the possibility to be sewn and embedded within a garment. A suitable presser foot, available upon request, allows to sew it in an industrial way.

E-Strip C is a textile ribbon equipped with a UHF EPC Gen2 RFID tag, with a very low carbon footprint. Our tag is seamlessly integrated into garments thanks to its unintrusive design. Our tag resists up to 80 domestic washing cycles.

Our tag can be used in a variety of RFID applications in fashion retail, including but not limited to: brand protection, supply chain management, inventory, omnichannel/BOPIS/Ship from store strategies, loss prevention, product returns and the circular economy.

The embedded RAIN RFID tag offers discrete integration and state of the art inventory capabilities.

  • Embedded RAIN UHF RFID tag
  • Broadband antenna (860-960 Mhz)
  • Narrow ribbon form factor
  • Ready to stitch in overlock seam
  • RFID protocol: ISO 18000 63, EPC Global Gen2 v2
  • IC: Impinj Monza M730
  • EPC memory: Up to 128 bits, customizable encoding
  • TID memory: 48 bits serialized


  • Fashion Retail
  • Track and trace solutions
  • Omni-channel enabler
  • Real time inventory
  • Stock visibility; supply chain tracking
  • Customer Experience
  • Authentication and quality management & maintenance
  • Traceability applications


RFID Transponder

E-YARN S is a textile yarn equipped with a UHF RFID tag, non-intrusive, durable, with a negligible carbon footprint. The RFID yarn is seamlessly embedded at manufacturing stage into a variety of materials such as composites, textiles and rubbers making it non-removable. It addresses identification and traceability stakes along with circular economy deployment.

  • Embedded RAIN UHF RFID tag
  • Broadband antenna (860-960 Mhz)
  • RFID protocol: ISO 18000-63 type, EPC Gen2
  • IC: Impinj Monza 7 series
  • EPC memory: Up to 128 bits
  • TID memory: 48 bits serialized
  • 130 mm long / 0.5mm wide
  • Available in spool or individual tags


  • Authentication
  • Fleet Management
  • Real time inventory
  • Quality management
  • Traceability applications

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Valeriane Henry, Primo1D

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