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Joe Preishuber-Pflügl, innobir
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“Wireless technologies are exiting from the begin I got involved in 1995. This meanwhile nearly 30 years of involvment were a great experience and it is going on. I am highly motivated to contribute to the succsss of RFID, NFC and UWB through involvement in standardization, radio regualtions, product and application development.”

Joe Preishuber-Pflügl, innobir

DI Josef Preishuber-Pfluegl


innobir offers a wide range of wireless technology services with the particular focus on NFC, RAIN RFID and UWB. A dedicated strength is on international standardization and radio regulations. 

Standardization: Help to understand international standardization and how to benefit from it. Covering various standardization organizations, as well as standards referring to them.

System design: Consulting on NFC+ RAIN RFID system knowledge. Tag and reader selection, system setup, ecosystem partners, connections, system design and system components.

Advice+training: Dedicated consulting and training on NFC and RAIN RFID and other wireless technologies, including international standards and how to benefit from it. This applies in particular for application standards.

innobir offers services in the areas of standardization, system design, consulting and training.

innobir’s corporate focus is on wireless technologies, in particular the use of its experience in the areas of NFC, RAIN RFID and UWB technologies.

Consulting and training according to customer-specific applications

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Logo innobir
Joe Preishuber-Pflügl, innobir

DI Josef Preishuber-Pfluegl


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