JYL-Tech Elevates Sustainable Fashion with RFID Laundry Tags

Image: JYL-Tech

JYL-Tech Elevates Sustainable Fashion with RFID Laundry Tags

With JYL Tech
February 22, 2024
2 min
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JYL-Tech Pioneers Sustainable Solutions with 20 Years of RFID Expertise

In response to the EU’s initiation of DPP regulations, the spotlight on sustainability has intensified. Consumers, the textile industry, and governments are joining forces. Recognizing the textile industry as the world’s second-largest pollution source, JYL-Tech, boasting 20 years of RFID expertise, stands at the forefront of sustainable development with its revolutionary RFID laundry tags.

Key Features of the RFID Laundry Tags

For over a decade, JYL-Tech has been at the forefront of integrating RFID tags into textiles, ensuring seamless lifecycle tracking. The company tailors RFID solutions for diverse applications, conducting environmental footprint evaluations to optimize sustainable digitalization. RFID technology empowers textile companies to champion a circular economy – from responsible sourcing to proper disposal – thereby reducing waste and streamlining operations.

JYL-Tech’s RFID Laundry Tags guarantee transparency and traceability, fostering information-sharing with stakeholders and consumers alike. Elevating the customer experience, the RFID Laundry Tags provide insights into environmental and social impacts, facilitating faster checkouts, easier returns, personalized recommendations, and interactive fitting room experiences.

Robustness and Durability at its Finest

JYL-Tech’s RFID laundry tags are engineered to excel under demanding conditions. With a design crafted to withstand temperatures of up to 200°C, these RFID tags ensure resilience in even the most rigorous laundering processes. Guaranteed for over 200 wash cycles within two years post-shipping,

JYL-Tech’s commitment to durability is unrivaled. Moreover, the tags are meticulously engineered to endure pressures of up to 60 bars during textile product pressing, ensuring longevity without compromise. Installed flexibly based on uniform availability, JYL-Tech’s RFID laundry tags provide a seamless, reliable solution for enhanced tracking and management.


Join the forefront of sustainable fashion with JYL-Tech’s innovative RFID laundry tags, tailored to revolutionize transparency, efficiency, and eco-engagement across diverse sectors. Ideal for producers of linen, commercial laundry services, and a range of industries including hospitality (hotels, resorts, casinos, spas, and restaurants), medical facilities, residential care facilities, and various institutions, JYL-Tech’s RFID tags herald a new era of accountability and performance.

Seamlessly integrating into existing operations, this cutting-edge technology ensures enhanced tracking and management while minimizing environmental impact. Embrace the future of sustainability with JYL-Tech and unlock new possibilities for your business.

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