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HID Global


September 24, 2023

Image promotion a webcast episode with Richard Aufreiter from HID global.

This episode of Let’s Talk WIoT is more than just another installment—it’s an illuminating look into the evolving world of Wireless IoT, just in time for the highly awaited event, Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023.

We’re absolutely thrilled to host Richard Aufreiter, VP of Product Marketing at HID Global, who will cover a multitude of topics, from the company’s grand strategy and advancements in tagging and tracking technologies, to what the future holds for Wireless IoT.


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Sponsor & Exhibitor

The HID Global Landscape

HID Global is synonymous with innovation in Wireless IoT. Richard sheds light on the company’s direction and their relentless pursuit to innovate in the tagging and tracking sector.

📅 Also, don’t miss the chance to attend two special lectures at Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2024 summit.

The Bigger Picture: Future of Wireless IoT

As part of our dialogue, Richard delves deeper into how HID Global aims to shape the wider Wireless IoT landscape in the coming years.

Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2024

The episode serves as a precursor to the upcoming Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2024 event. HID Global will not only sponsor the event but also contribute to the lecture program. It’s an event that anyone serious about the future of Wireless IoT shouldn’t miss.

In Conclusion

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gather insights straight from an industry leader. Mark the date for the Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2024 event and stay tuned to Let’s Talk WIoT for more enlightening conversations on the future of Wireless IoT.


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