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September 24, 2023

Image promotion the webcast with Alastair Hanlon from Pragmatic Semiconductor.

Revolutionary connectivity & intelligent embedding

Pragmatic Semiconductor is reshaping the connectivity landscape with its cutting-edge FlexIC technology. Alastair Hanlon will delve deep into Pragmatic’s groundbreaking innovations, the myriad applications of FlexICs, and the company’s vision for the coming years.

The latest episode of “Let’s Talk WIoT” is more than a conversation—it’s a visionary journey into the future of connectivity and Flexible Integrated Circuit (FlexIC) technology with Pragmatic Semiconductor, a pioneer in creating innovative digital solutions for embedding intelligence, leading the charge in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. This insightful episode, initially broadcasted before the Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023 event, serves as a prelude to the upcoming Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2024, where Pragmatic will continue to play a pivotal role.

We are thrilled to have Alastair Hanlon, Chief Commercial Officer at Pragmatic Semiconductor, as our esteemed guest. He unravels the mysteries of FlexICs, discusses their impact on sustainability, and the revolutionary role they play in making the embedding of intelligence quick and ubiquitous, thereby forging the path for a future filled with trillions of connected devices.


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The Pragmatic Innovations

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Towards a Transformative Tomorrow: Embedding Intelligence & IoT Evolution

Our dialogue with Alastair Hanlon delves into the transformative potential of intelligent embedding and how Pragmatic Semiconductor is catalyzing the evolution of IoT, setting the stage for unprecedented developments in the technological sphere.

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