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Discover the Transformative Power of Wireless IoT Across Industries. Highlighted WIoT Applications to Be Featured at the Summit:


Ports, essential hubs in logistics, are transformed by WIoT technology. Imagine enhanced efficiency, streamlined workflows, and real-time tracking of shipments, revolutionizing the way ports manage logistics processes.


Production facilities thrive with WIoT applications. Envision optimized operations, real-time equipment monitoring, and improved overall efficiency, leading to reduced downtime and enhanced productivity in manufacturing.


Logistics operations soar to new heights with WIoT technology. Picture real-time tracking, efficient inventory management, and streamlined supply chain operations, resulting in improved delivery accuracy and reduced costs.


Clinics benefit immensely from WIoT technology. Visualize enhanced patient monitoring, streamlined equipment management, and improved workflow efficiency, enabling better patient care and timely interventions.


Retail experiences a transformation with WIoT applications. Think of improved inventory management, real-time tracking, and enhanced customer engagement, leading to better stock control and a more personalized shopping experience.

Facility Management

Facility management reaches new levels with WIoT technology. Imagine real-time monitoring of building systems, efficient resource management, and enhanced operational efficiency, ensuring improved safety and reduced costs.


Maintenance processes are revolutionized by WIoT technology. Envision predictive maintenance, real-time equipment monitoring, and timely interventions, resulting in reduced downtime and extended equipment lifespan.

Smart City

Smart cities flourish with WIoT applications. Picture real-time monitoring of urban infrastructure, efficient traffic management, and enhanced public services, leading to improved energy efficiency and reduced congestion.


The automotive industry advances with WIoT technology. Imagine enhanced vehicle tracking, predictive maintenance, and support for autonomous driving, resulting in improved safety and better vehicle performance.

Tire Industry

The tire industry benefits from WIoT applications. Visualize real-time monitoring of tire conditions, predictive maintenance, and efficient inventory management, leading to improved safety and extended tire lifespan.

Track & Trace

Track and trace systems excel with WIoT technology. Think of real-time visibility of goods, accurate location tracking, and efficient inventory management, resulting in improved supply chain transparency and reduced losses.

Laundry Management

Laundry management is optimized with WIoT applications. Picture real-time tracking of linens and garments, efficient inventory management, and automated process monitoring, leading to improved operational efficiency.


The industrial sector sees immense benefits from WIoT technology. Envision real-time monitoring of machinery, predictive maintenance, and efficient resource management, leading to increased operational efficiency and enhanced safety.


The sports industry gains from WIoT applications. Imagine enhanced athlete performance monitoring, real-time tracking of equipment, and improved fan engagement, resulting in better training outcomes and a more interactive experience.

Let’s See What’s a Hot Topic in 2024

Every year has specific trends that fuel the summit and, in part, the exhibition. The editorial team of Think WIOT talked to speakers, visitors, and exhibitors, and this was their feedback.

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