A diskussion at a booth of the WIOT tomorrow 2023.

How SpeedLabs Work

Exhibitors offer lectures, presentations, product information, and more directly at their booth, tailored for crowds of up to 10 people, providing exclusive insights directly from the exhibitor. Participation is open to all without registration. Your ticket automatically grants access to all areas, including Speedlabs.

How to Participate?

Simply check the timetable column for Spedlabs and locate presentations that are beneficial to you. Just be at the noted location (usually a booth) 5 minutes before the starting time, and you’re all set! It’s that simple.

The SpeedLab Program

View the SpeedLabs in the Timetable including the hosting company, time and location.


No registration is needed to participate in a SpeedLab. Simply note the location and time of the SpeedLab and be there to join in.

Yes and No. A SpeedLab can be a presentation, a showcase of a product, a lecture, or other formats. Check the program timetable and click on the SpeedLabs for additional information. Either way, it will be interesting!

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