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Event Recap: WIoT tomorrow 2023


WIoT tomorrow


October 25, 2023

Image showing the recap report of the wireless IoT tomorrow 2023.

Celebrating Growth and Charting the Future

As the curtains close on this year’s WIoT tomorrow 2023 on 18-19 October 2023 in Wiesbaden, it’s a moment to reflect, recap, and look ahead. Over the past 12 years, the Wireless IoT event has grown in leaps and bounds, and this year was no exception.


This year we witnessed a record-breaking increase in visitors. We expanded our horizons with more international exhibitors and a more comprehensive program. Specialized areas for Automation, RTLS, and LPWAN were introduced, making the technology more tangible for our attendees. These areas not only provided hands-on demonstrations but were a complete success, thanks to the experts who brought each space to life.

A Heartfelt Thanks

It’s crucial to pause and express our sincere gratitude. Thank you to all sponsors, visitors, and exhibitors for your incredible support and engagement. It’s your enthusiasm and dedication that truly brings this event to life, turning visions into realities and bridging connections in the wireless IoT world. Your contributions are the heartbeat of WIoT tomorrow, and together, we’re crafting a brighter and more connected future.


2023 marked a significant milestone as we strengthened our ties with associations like the RAIN Alliance and AIM. Our vision is clear: we aim to be a one-stop hub where professionals can get all their questions answered. This collaborative spirit is also evident in our strong partnership with our major sponsors like HID, Turck, Pragmatics, Zebra, Tageos, and Avery Dennison, Impinj and AIM. Their invaluable support played a pivotal role in the event’s success.

Looking Forward

As one event concludes, the blueprint for the next takes shape. We are not only looking to continue the success of this year but also aim to surpass it. Plans are already underway to further develop the specialized areas, offering an even broader range of demonstrations and specialized lectures. Our vision is to be at the forefront of technological advancements and insights.

New collaborations with associations are not only highly welcome but are integral to our growth strategy. We’re committed to broadening our network, enriching the content and experiences we offer. We’re already excited to announce that several influential pioneers have marked their calendars for next year. As we set our sights on WIoT tomorrow 2024, we hope you will join us in this journey towards innovation and excellence.

Call to Action

In these challenging times, answers are integral. The motivation remains unwavering: The Wireless IoT industry is poised to address both today’s challenges and tomorrow’s uncertainties. To navigate these times, we must sharpen our strategies, be smarter in our processes, and the exhibitors at WIoT tomorrow are here to illuminate the path. They offer insights and solutions that help businesses become more resilient, ensuring that you can secure tomorrow’s profits today.

We invite you to be a part of this journey, to harness the potential of IoT, and to shape a smarter, more connected future. Please share any suggestions or improvements for our next event, and mark your calendar for 2024 – 23rd and 24th October at the RMCC in Wiesbaden.