Hero - Focus Arenas

A new concept of exhibition

Experience the four open-design arenas, each dedicated to a distinct topic. Key to these tech exhibitions are the demonstration zones, where exhibitors don’t just tell you about their solutions or products, but demonstrate them in action. Designed openly for easy and free access, stop by, get inspired, and engage with the experts behind the innovation!

Smart City Solutions Arena


Discover the future of connectivity at the Smart City Solutions Arena. Explore integrated demo areas showcasing the power and potential of smart city technologies in real-world applications.

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RTLS & Supply Chain Arena


Step into the RTLS & Supply Chain Arena to experience the forefront of location intelligence. This immersive space features interactive demos showcasing how real-time location systems are revolutionizing spatial analysis and decision-making in supply chains.

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Automation & Labeling Solutions Arena

Automation Solutions

Experience the forefront of innovation at the Automation & Labeling Solutions Arena. Engage with hands-on demonstrations showcasing the next generation of automation and labeling technologies, driving efficiency and transformation across industries.

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5g Innovations Arena


Venture into the 5G Innovations Arena, where 5G technology lights the path to the future. Explore dynamic exhibits demonstrating the revolutionary impact of 5G on connectivity, speed, and reliability in a digitally-driven world.

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The Arenas are located right in the event hall, integrated into the exhibition area.

Yes! The Arenas are designed to be open without walls. Step onto the carpet to talk to exhibitors or enjoy the demonstration area.