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is a one-stop shop for RFID systems, with more than 4,500 employees in over 30 subsidiaries and sales partners in a further 60 countries.

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“As an international developer of industrial automation solutions, Turck offers sensor, fieldbus, connection, and interface technology in addition to HMI and RFID products. The company is represented in engineering and construction, the automotive industry, transportation and logistics, the food and packaging industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. After expansion of our palette of UHF products in recent years, Turck has plans to advance and add to this operating area in the next five years.”

Christian Wolf, Turck

Christian Wolf

Managing Director

Turck is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial automation. With more than 4,500 employees in over 30 subsidiaries as well as sales partners in further 60 countries, the family-owned company is always close to its customers. As a specialist in sensor, fieldbus, connection and interface technology, and also human-machine interfaces (HMI) and RFID systems, Turck offers efficient solutions for factory and process automation.

With their data and communication solutions, they are among the pioneers of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT/Industry 4.0).

Turck is One of the Leading Manufacturers in Industrial Automation

  • Holistic, modular RFID systems for production and logistics processes
  • Variety of HF and UHF read/write heads and data carriers for standard and special uses, such as carriers for high temperature conditions up to 210 degrees Celsius, for engine production or use in autoclaves
  • Parallel operation of proven HF and far-ranging UHF technology

Turck’s RFID System BL ident

The BL ident complete RFID system from Turck provides a robust identification solution for use in the production and process automation industries, including everything from production control to distribution and logistics to the whole supply chain management. The RFID system can be implemented effortlessly into nearly every existing automation infrastructure without any programming.

Thanks to protection class IP67 it can also be implemented directly in the machine or system on site. Without the need for control boxes or long signal paths Turck customers save a lot of wiring and installation time.

Since 2017, Turck offers its customers inhouse RFID turnkey solutions. With Turck Vilant Systems the company is able to offer complete system solutions including software, integration and maintenance services. More than 1,000 RFID system installations in 35 countries prove the experience and expertise of Turck Vilant Systems.

No matter if applied in machine and plant construction, in the sectors of automotive, mobile equipment, transport and handling, food and packaging or in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, automation solutions and products by Turck increase the availability and efficiency of machines and plants. Industry-specific knowledge, gained through intensive dialog with customers ensure optimal solutions for customer’s automation tasks.

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TAS Cloud: New Toolset for Turck Automation Suite

TAS Cloud: New Toolset for Turck Automation Suite

May 27, 2024
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RFID Read/Write Heads and Tags by Turck in Miniature Format

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Products from Turck

HF RFID Bus Mode

Turck HF RFID Bus Mode

Turck’s HF Bus Mode Enables up to 128 Read/Write Devices to be Connected on Four RFID Ports

Turck’s TBEN-L-RFID interface combines easy handling with the rapid integration of the compact TBEN-S-RFID and the robustness of the larger TBEN-L design. Its HF bus mode can connect up to 32 compatible HF read/write devices in series on each port. This reduces the wiring effort and costs required in applications involving a large number of read and/or read positions.

Several predefined commands and operating modes for the most common application scenarios reduce the programming required in the PLC. Filters and different data export options also often make any middleware unnecessary. The mixed operation of HF and UHF read/write heads is also possible.

  • Up to 32 bus-compatible read/write devices per RFID channel can be connected to the TBEN module
  • Depending on the number of read/write heads connected additional power supply may be required
  • By default, a command can only be processed by one read/write device, making HF bus mode suitable for static applications and slow dynamic applications
  • In Continuous HF bus mode, a command is performed simultaneously at all read/write devices in a bus topology
  • HF bus mode does not require any point-to-point connection
  • Available for RFID interfaces TBEN-L, TBEN-LL, TBEN-S and TBEC-LL


  • HF bus mode is suitable for all applications with a high amount of RFID read/write Points. Without HF bus mode these applications are usually not only comparatively expensive in hardware due to the interface modules, but also complex to install and maintain.

RFID Track & Trace in Real Time

RFID Transponder Reader
Turck RFID Track & Trace in Real Time

Seamless Identification with RFID Provides Decision-Relevant Information in Real Time

From incoming goods to production to warehouse and shipping – seamless identification with RFID provides decision-relevant information in real time. This increases your efficiency and gives you the transparency you need for lean processes and digitized supply chains.

The intelligent linking of RFID information from production and intralogistics with MES and ERP systems enables your systems and decision-makers to draw the right conclusions immediately. The aggregated information, for example about times, locations, users or process steps performed, enables smart functions such as automatic production and ordering processes, the identification of error sources or the timely prediction of possible bottlenecks.

  • Material tracking: Incoming goods and inventory management automated
  • Production tracking: Correct production conditions and quality as well as material flow are monitored and ensured with tool identification at the machine
  • Warehouse management: Products, trays, skids, workpiece holders are given a unique ID and thus identified
  • Picking & shipping: Robots or utility vehicles fitted with RFID pick items automatically


  • Turck customers benefit from the specific experience of our RFID turnkey solution partner Turck Vilant Systems, which has been offering turnkey RFID solutions including its own middleware and ERP integration for 20 years and has implemented them in well over 1000 installations worldwide. This enables Turck to offer RFID solutions for the entire supply and production chain – from the supplier to production and delivery.

BL ident Accessories

Turck BL ident Accessories

Mounting Adapters, Cables and External Antennas Enable Simple RFID Installation

The BL ident connectivity portfolio offers field-wireable extension cables in various versions (Standard, Economy and Food & Beverage) for the secure communication between interface and read/write devices as well as field-wireable bus and supply lines.

The accessories include mounting adapters for read/write devices and tags, as well as protective frames for read/write devices. In addition, the portfolio also includes external passive antennas for UHF readers.

  • Extensive range of accessories for precise and easy mounting of read/write devices and tags
  • Protective caps and housings for increased protection against weld splinters


  • Accessories allow easy installation and operation in industrial applications

UHF RFID Readers

Turck UHF RFID Readers

Turck’s Long Range UHF Readers Designed for Industrial Use

Highspeed transmission of data across long ranges are the core features of UHF RFID systems. Therefore UHF became standard for applications demanding greater distances between readers and data carriers.

Radio ranges of up to several meters are possible with Turck’s BL ident system and UHF readers, depending on the surrounding conditions. This means high operational safety for automated processes where data carriers are constantly in motion. It also provides high flexibility for manually executed identification tasks. The radio interface for readers and tags is internationally standardized (ISO 18000-6c with UHF).

  • Frequency range 860…960 MHz (country specific)
  • International standards: ISO 18000-6c/Gen2, ETSI EN 302208
  • Read/write distance: up to several meters
  • Rugged design up to IP67
  • Readers with integrated or external antennas
  • Detection of multiple tags per second (bulk capability) up to approx. 200 tags


  • Use in logistics, intralogistics and industrial production applications
  • Applications with long ranges
  • Pharmaceutical serialization
  • When tags leave the factory, UHF systems are recommended
  • Bulk reading of many tags requires UHF readers installed in RFID gates

Handheld UHF/HF/Barcode

Turck RFID Handheld UHF/HF/Barcode

Turck Handhelds Can Handle RFID, WLAN and Bluetooth

From improving inventory management to easily re-writing tags, Turck offers a range of mobile handheld RFID solutions for both HF or UHF applications. Whether you need a rugged solution in IP67 or a more cost-effective IP20 version, you’ll appreciate the built-in features and functionality in the PD20 and PD67 family of RFID devices. The handhelds come equipped with a battery, USB cable, docking station (PD67 only), and a power supply unit.

The PD67 handhelds are truly robust universal devices with protection to IP67 for industrial use. With their 5.5” capacitive touch color display, they offer an ergonomic user interface for RFID and optional 1D/2D barcode communication:

The PD20 model does not come with a display and offers protection to IP20. It is ideal for simple applications in the UHF range.

  • Handhelds for UHF and/or HF with WLAN, barcode/2D code reader, Bluetooth available
  • Support for different tag types (including TW-R30-K9)
  • Automatic tag type selection
  • Multitag detection and tag selection
  • Full addressing of the memory for reading and writing data
  • Support of all ISO 18000-6C/EPCglobal Gen 2 and ISO 15693 compliant tags


  • PD handhelds are optimised for ergonomic industrial use
  • Asset tracking: Capturing of different information using HF, UHF and/or barcode
  • Tool recognition: For mobile detection of tools and execution or logging of maintenance activities
  • Inventory management: Detection of all incoming and outgoing goods and the stock on hand
  • Location-independent use, e.g. outside a factory

RFID Interfaces HF/UHF

Turck RFID Interfaces HF/UHF

Turck’s Compact RFID Interfaces Reduce the Effort Required for Industrial Identification Solutions

RFID modules are available for connecting the HF and UHF read/write devices via PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen and EtherCAT. The fully encapsulated TBEN multiprotocol modules with RFID and I/Os (IP67/IP69k), as well as the modular BL67 system (IP67), are ideal for direct use in harsh environments. Users are thus saved the task of setting up protective boxes in the field.

The BL20 IP20 modules can be assembled on DIN rails in the switch cabinet. On the programmable versions, preprocessing steps and control actions can also be performed on the module.

  • HF and UHF heads can be run parallel via the same interface
  • Interfaces for cabinet mounting (IP20) or mounting in field (IP65/IP68/IP69K)
  • For standard applications no programming of PLC function blocks are necessary
  • Trigger signals (inputs) and actors (outputs) can be connected via the same modular or block interfaces HF Bus Mode allows connection of up to 32
  • HF read/write devices on one RFID channel


  • Turcks RFID interfaces are mainly designed for logistics and industrial applications
  • Use in modular machines possible as no cabinet is required
  • TBEN-L and TBEN-S interfaces perfectly suited for RFID retrofitting in running production facilities
  • Factory automation
  • Process Automation


RFID Transponder
Turck RFID Tags HF/UHF

Rugged RFID Tags for Virtually Any Application in Industry or Logistics

The rugged tags (data carriers) with high protection class are insensitive to dirt and liquids and are available with a max. memory size of 8 kB. They are passively powered via the read/write devices and are maintenance free.

Tags for high temperatures and direct mounting on metal allow flexible use under extreme conditions. Tags for use in hazardous areas and autoclavs complete the product portfolio.

  • EEPROM tags with 128 byte memory, FRAM
  • Tags of up to 8 kByte for high speeds and nearly unlimited write cycles
  • High-temperature tags -40…+240 °C, environment dependent
  • Tags for autoclaves, for high-pressure steam jet cleaning at +121 °C
  • Tags for direct mounting on metal
  • Open standards, worldwide applicable (ISO 15693 und ISO 18000-6C)
  • Tags for Ex-area applications


  • Tags for most challenging industrial applications
  • Tags for inlays, stickers in foil thickness and smart label tags for one-time-use applications
  • Tags in glass cylindrical housing with highest chemical resistance

RFID HF Read/Write Devices

Turck RFID HF Read/Write Devices

Robust Devices for Various Applications

Turck’s HF read/write devices are fully encapsulated with rugged design for industrial use. Even wash-down applications are possible with special IP69K devices. In addition, special read/write devices are also available for use in the hazardous areas.

Turck’s application-optimized HF read/write devices in industry-compatible design can be perfectly integrated into your application. Ranges of up to one meter can be achieved, depending on the surrounding conditions. The radio interface for read/write devices and tags is internationally standardized (ISO 15693, NFC type 5 with HF).

HF-Technology in combination with Turcks U interface is easy to install without programming code. Fully encapsulated, rugged HF read/write heads, rectangular and cylindrical design (M18, M30).

  • Frequency: 13,56 Mhz
  • International standard: ISO 15639
  • Read/write distance: from 30 up to 1000 mm
  • Cylindrical and rectangular designs
  • Protection class up to IP69K
  • Versions for dust ex locations (zone 21/22)


  • Industrial applications in nearly any industry sector
  • Installation directly in the field
  • Applicable even in washdown and hazardous locations
  • Suited for very narrow locations
  • Factory automation
  • Process Automation

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Bernd Wieseler

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Hendrik Schnabel, Turck

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René Steiner

Business Development Manager RFID Systems

Thorsten Enthöfer, Turck

Thorsten Enthöfer

Product Manager RFID HF Systems

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