SMART Technologies ID Launches RFID/NFC/Bluetooth Reader Modules

Image: Smart Technologies ID

SMART Technologies ID Launches RFID/NFC/Bluetooth Reader Modules

With SMART Technologies ID
November 07, 2023
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Security Applications Based on LEGIC Technology Made Possible

Compact RFID/NFC/Bluetooth Modules “LEGIC App 6300/6310” provide off-the-shelf security for smartcard and smartphone-based authentication and access control applications running over the LEGIC Security Platform as well as third-party technologies.

Germany-based SMART Technologies ID GmbH has launched two new compact Reader Modules, the LEGIC App 6300 and 6310 which provide secure user authentication and access management based on RFID, NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy for enterprise security, smart building, mobility, smart city, supply chain, and industrial IoT applications.

Supporting LEGIC’s end-to-end Security Platform, the 31.5 x 25.9mm modules include a Bluetooth antenna and all necessary passive components required to provide access security at critical infrastructure endpoints. Leveraging AES-128 encryption and integrated secure element provided by the LEGIC SM-6300 and programmable SM-6310 Security Modules, access security is ensured through dynamically managed user credentials. Smartcard populations can be managed in-house via LEGIC’s Master Token System Control (MTSC), or LEGIC Connect for secure cloud-based management of smartphone user credentials.

“Our modules eliminate months of hardware and software development, allowing system integrators to immediately benefit from the high-security features of LEGIC’s technology,” said Mr. Weißgärber, CEO of SMART Technologies ID.

“Knowing Smart Technologies very successful App-Reader based on LEGIC’s 4000-series security modules, we are very happy to see this new version featuring our 6000-series, and appreciate the extended functionalities that will benefit customers”, says Roland Baumgartner, Senior Account Manager of LEGIC Identsystems Ltd.

The modules provide off-the-shelf RFID, NFC, and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, as well as wired interfaces UART, SPI and GPIOs. Single-sided design, low-power sleep mode and compact size facilitate easy integration into virtually any device or infrastructure. Footprint compatibility with the company’s SM-4×00 based modules is ensured for easy upgrade.

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